The world has mostly tried ChatGPT, and the “Dev world” has mostly tried GPT4, but to my surprise, very few people have tried OpenAi’s Code Interpreter.

Code Interpreter has been called “GPT4.5” and was introduced to the world with much critical acclaim by Greg Brockman of OpenAI at a TED talk on Apr 21, 2023.

Just like ChatGPT took GPT3 one step further, Code Interpreter takes GPT4 to the next level.

Why is Code Interpreter important?
Code Interpreter allows GPT to write & execute code. This is significant because it means that GPT can now:

Write code,

Run the code!,

See what happens,

If the output is not as desired – GPT can now correct it’s own mistakes!

When OpenAi’s Code Interpreter was first released it blew the tech world away, generating a ton of hype across twitter/x, reddit & Youtube.

Unfortunately several parties figured out how to exploit Code Interpreter & to address this issue OpenAI had to remove Code Interpreter’s access to the internet. This severely restricted what Code Interpreter was capable of & quickly killed the hype & potential of the product.

September 2023, enter “Open Interpreter”. Open Interpreter is an open source project that brings the Internet back & therefore restores the full potential of Code Interpreter.

Better yet – Open Interpreter runs on your own computer! If you are dealing with sensitive information, data no longer needs to leave your computer. The “AI reasoning” can be implemented by Open Interpreter and your data can remain local. Even better yet I managed to hack Open Interpreter to work with LM Studio, so data never has to go over the internet at all.

You can try Open Interpreter via this Link